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So I messing around on DMO earlier and a random though came into my head. “Should Gotsumon get another line?”, After I finished my session I decided to look up some of his other lines and I think I found the one most likely to be added to DMO. A line I call the Volcamon line. Now you may ask “Well how is this line more likely than others to make it in?” and i’m glad you ask because I have a few pieces of evidence. The first piece is that Golemon, Volcamon & Pile Volcamon the Champ, Ulti & Mega of this line already exist as NPC digimon in the game. The second piece is that we’ve already gotten word that Spirit Evolution lines are in the works meaning that it won’t be long till we see the Legendary Warriors in game. And wouldn’t you know it Ancient Volcamon is part of this line. Not to mention that Ancient Troiamon another of the Legendary Warriors already exists in game as a Burst Mode. Now to be fair this could all just be speculation but I really think that Gotsumon deserves another line especially with how terrible his original is. 

This might seem a little random but I just had to ask this, Why does no one bring up Gotsumon’s evolutionary line?, I mean whenever I hear anything about Gotsumon its either about the one from Adventure or Savers/Data Squad never about his line. Which bother me because his line has been bugging me for years. His Rookie, Champion & Ultimate forms all look exactly the same just with different colors!!!, For Yggdrasil’s sake even their official art looks the sames. I know this is random and this post will probably get no notes at all. But I just had to ask because there is no way that i’m the only one bothered by this!!!!!

You know that moment when you hear that the Zexal World Duel Carnival game is finally getting an English release and you get super hyped for it, only to remember that 1.The game is only coming out in Europe and 2. you can’t play the European version on a US 3DS thanks to region lock. (yeah most articles on the games release fail to include that last bit)

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