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You know that moment when you hear that the Zexal World Duel Carnival game is finally getting an English release and you get super hyped for it, only to remember that 1.The game is only coming out in Europe and 2. you can’t play the European version on a US 3DS thanks to region lock. (yeah most articles on the games release fail to include that last bit)


Here’s the final batch of cursors.  I’m a bit disappointed that the Zexal sprite was never posted on the site, since I’ve seen someone take a picture of it.  Maybe if a rom is ever available I’d be able to get that one and NPCs someday. ^_^

[DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)]

The first batch, which contains Anna, Astral, Cathy, III, IV, Kaito, Kotori, Orbital, Shark, Takashi, Tetsuo, Tokunosuke, and Yuma can be found here.

The second batch, which contains Alit, Black Mist, Droite, Durbe, Faker, Gauche, Gilag, Mizael, Rio, Tron, V, Vector, and Yamikawa can be found here.


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